Meals-to-You enrollment has ended. We are no longer accepting applications at the moment. Check with your school for available resources.

School districTs

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Participating School Districts

This is a list of school districts by state. Please select the dropdown for your state, and check to see if your school district is there. If you cannot find your district, please check with your child’s school to see if it is participating in Meals-to-You.

  • Bering Strait School District

  • Bristol Bay School District

  • Lake and Peninsula School District


  • Dulce Independent School

  • Brady ISD

  • Brownsboro ISD

  • Buffalo ISD

  • Corrigan-Camden ISD

  • Crockett County CISD

  • Crockett ISD

  • Cross Roads ISD

  • Eden ISD

  • Eustace ISD

  • Groveton ISD

  • Junction ISD

  • Leon ISD

  • Malakoff ISD

  • Marlin ISD

  • McCamey ISD

  • Murchison ISD

  • Normangee ISD

  • Nueces Canyon CISD

  • Oakwood ISD

  • Paint Rock ISD

  • Seminole ISD

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