Meals-to-You 2023 has ended. If you are in need of resources, please reach out to your local school district for information on other programs or options.

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Looking Back on Summer Meals-to-You

Families across the United States rely on the consistency of school meals to help fill the gaps of their children’s nutrition needs. The Summer Food Service Program offers an extension of these programs into the months when school is out of session. However, those in rural communities face barriers such as transportation and distance in accessing these traditional summer programs. Organizations working to create more just and equitable food systems, like our team at the Baylor Collaborative on Hunger and Poverty, are exploring innovative and sustainable programs to solve these challenges.

In 2019 we partnered with USDA and McLane Global to begin a three-year demonstration project in specific school districts in West and East Texas to research whether a meal delivery system is feasible and sustainable. The concept is simple: Package weekly meal items that meet USDA Child Nutrition guidelines and deliver them directly to the homes of children in these rural communities.

Summer MTY 2019-2022

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We are excited Meals-to-You has been extended for a fifth summer, and we hope you are too.

A Combined Effort.

Meals-to-You is made possible through strong partnerships with USDA, our vendors, school district representatives, and the Meals-to-You participants. We are all committed to finding innovative ways to increase food security–together! 

We Love What We Do.

Our team is made up of professionals who care about the nutrition and wellbeing of the children who make up the future of our country. We are devoted to working together for a better tomorrow. 

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