Emergency Meals-to-You School Districts

The Emergency Meals-to-You program is a new way to implement school meal delivery while the cafeteria is closed. It may take time for your school district to complete the necessary application paperwork, and many are just now learning about the program. Please be patient as they adapt to an ever-changing situation.

As districts are added, we will group them by state below. If your school district or state is not listed, you are not yet able to apply.

If your district has reached out to encourage you to apply, you may wish to check back here later. If not, you may wish to contact your school district to check the status of their application.

AlabamaEnrollment OpensEnrollment Closes
Albertville City Schools – Enrollment Closed5/5/205/12/20
Bullock County Schools5/23/205/29/20
Clarke County Board of Education- Enrollment Closed5/18/205/20/20
Cleburne County Schools- Enrollment Closed5/11/205/15/20
Clinton County School District5/18/205/25/20
Blount County Schools – Enrollment Closed5/4/205/8/20
Boaz City Schools – Enrollment Closed4/20/204/27/20
Calhoun County Board of Education- Enrollment Closed5/14/205/21/20
Dale County Board of Education – Enrollment Closed4/29/205/1/20
Dallas County School District- Enrollment Closed5/13/205/20/20
Escambia County School System – Enrollment Closed5/4/205/8/20
Etowah County School System- Enrollment Closed5/8/205/18/20
Fayette County Schools 5/20/205/27/20
Greene – Enrollment Closed5/5/205/11/20
Haleyville City Schools5/15/205/22/20
Jefferson County Schools- Enrollment Closed5/12/205/17/20
Lamar County- Enrollment Closed5/4/205/14/20
Lawrence County Schools5/18/205/25/20
Macon County Public Schools5/22/205/29/20
Selma City Schools5/21/206/8/20
Talladega City Schools – Enrollment Closed5/1/205/8/20
Talladega County Board of Education – Enrollment Closed4/30/205/9/20
Tallassee City Schools – Enrollment Closed5/4/205/8/20
Walker County Board of Education5/22/205/26/20
Wilcox County School District – Enrollment Closed5/4/205/11/20
Winfield City Schools- Enrollment Closed5/15/205/19/20
AlaskaEnrollment OpensEnrollment Closes
Northwest Arctic Borough School District5/15/205/29/20
Yupiit School District 5/7/205/23/20
ArizonaEnrollment OpensEnrollment Closes
Bicentennial Union High School District- Enrollment Closed5/11/205/18/20
Bowie Unified Schools- Enrollment Closed5/7/205/15/20
Chilchinbeto Community School5/24/20
Chinle Unified School District- Enrollment Closed5/11/205/19/20
Dishchiibikoh Community School- Enrollment Closed5/13/205/19/20
First Mesa Elementary School- Enrollment Closed5/18/205/21/20
Gila Bend Unified School District5/22/205/27/20
Havasupai Elementary School5/18/205/22/20
Hopi Day School5/25/205/31/20
Hopi Jr/Sr High School- Enrollment Closed5/11/205/18/20
Hotevilla Bacavi Community School5/18/205/25/20
Kayenta Unified School District No. 27- Enrollment Closed5/4/205/21/20
Keams Canyon Elementary School- Enrollment Closed5/5/205/15/20
Little Singer Community School5/21/205/27/20
Mobile Elementary School District – Enrollment Closed4/24/204/30/20
Moencopi Day School- Enrollment Closed5/12/205/15/20
Page Unified School District No. 8 – Enrollment Closed5/4/205/10/20
Peach Springs Unified School District #85/23/206/1/20
Pomerene Elementary School District – Enrollment Closed4/27/204/30/20
Rock Point Community School- Enrollment Closed5/7/205/14/20
Rough Rock School Board Inc.- Enrollment Closed5/12/205/19/20
Sacaton Elementary School District5/18/205/22/20
Second Mesa Day School5/21/205/29/20
Seligman – Enrollment Closed5/4/205/7/20
St. Michael Indian School5/15/205/25/20
Tuba City Unified School District5/13/205/27/20
Topock School – Enrollment Closed4/29/205/2/20
Winslow Unified School District5/15/205/27/20
ArkansasEnrollment OpensEnrollment Closes
Bismarck School District – Enrollment Closed4/30/205/5/20
Concord Public Schools – Enrollment Closed4/24/204/30/20
County Line- Enrollment Closed5/19/205/21/20
Dardanelle School District – Enrollment Closed5/4/205/8/20
Deer/Mt. Judea School District – Enrollment Closed4/29/205/4/20
Drew Central School District- Enrollment Closed5/7/205/14/20
Earle School District – Enrollment Closed4/29/205/1/20
Hamburg School District5/11/205/22/20
Highland School District5/12/205/22/20
Lawrence County School District- Enrollment Closed5/11/205/15/20
Magnolia School District- Enrollment Closed5/6/205/11/20
McGehee School District- Enrollment Closed5/1/205/12/20
Monticello School District5/21/205/27/20
Poyen School District – Enrollment Closed4/29/205/5/20
Quitman – Enrollment Closed4/27/205/1/20
Rivercrest School District – Enrollment Closed4/30/205/7/20
Scranton School District- Enrollment Closed5/13/205/15/20
Searcy Special School District- Enrollment Closed5/5/205/12/20
Smackover-Norphlet School District – Enrollment Closed5/4/205/8/20
South Side Bee Branch School – Enrollment Closed5/4/205/8/20
Valley View ISD5/11/205/22/20
Viola School District- Enrollment Closed5/4/205/13/20
Warren – Enrollment Closed5/5/205/8/20
Wonderview School District – Enrollment Closed4/24/204/30/20
ColoradoEnrollment OpensEnrollment Closes
Alamosa School District5/22/205/28/20
Branson Reorganized 82 – Enrollment Closed4/28/205/1/20
Cripple Creek-Victor RE-1 School District- Enrollment Closed5/5/205/13/20
Holly School District RE-3 – Enrollment Closed4/24/204/30/20
Karval RE-23 School District – Enrollment Closed4/21/204/28/20
South Conejos School District RE-10 – Enrollment Closed4/27/204/30/20
Upper Rio Grande School District – Enrollment Closed4/26/204/29/20
ConnecticutEnrollment OpensEnrollment Closes
Torrington Public Schools- Enrollment Closed5/8/205/15/20
Winchester Public Schools- Enrollment Closed5/8/205/15/20
FloridaEnrollment OpensEnrollment Closes
Hamilton County School District5/12/205/27/20
Madison County School Board5/26/206/2/20
Union County School Board5/19/205/26/20
GeorgiaEnrollment OpensEnrollment Closes
Baker County K12 School- Enrollment Closed5/4/205/11/20
Calhoun County- Enrollment Closed5/6/205/13/20
Clay County Elementary & Middle School- Enrollment Closed5/11/205/15/20
Decatur County Schools5/20/205/22/20
Early County School System – Enrollment Closed4/22/204/27/20
Dooly County Schools- Enrollment Closed5/4/205/11/20
Quitman County Schools – Enrollment Closed5/4/205/8/20
Marion County Schools – Enrollment Closed4/25/205/6/20
Mitchell County School System- Enrollment Closed5/8/205/15/20
Pelham City Schools Charter System5/15/205/22/20
Stewart County Educational Complex- Enrollment Closed5/5/205/11/20
Thomas County Schools- Enrollment Closed5/12/205/18/20
Thomasville City Schools5/21/205/26/20
Worth County School District – Enrollment Closed5/5/205/8/20
HawaiiEnrollment OpensEnrollment Closes
Hawaii State Department of Education- Enrollment Closed5/1/205/19/20
IllinoisEnrollment OpensEnrollment Closes
Kansas Unit School District #35/25/205/28/20
Mt. Vernon City School District 80- Enrollment Closed5/4/205/14/20
Shawnee Community Unit School District #84- Enrollment Closed5/13/205/15/20
Tri-Point CUSD #6J- Enrollment Closed5/11/205/15/20
Jennings County Schools – Enrollment Closed4/29/205/1/20
Switzerland County School Corporation- Enrollment Closed5/8/205/12/20
IowaEnrollment OpensEnrollment Closes
Postville Community School- Enrollment Closed5/12/205/18/20
Storm Lake Community School District – Enrollment Closed5/4/205/8/20
KansasEnrollment OpensEnrollment Closes
Fairfield Schools USD 310- Enrollment Closed5/6/205/15/20
Golden Plains USD #316 – Enrollment Closed4/21/204/23/20
KentuckyEnrollment OpensEnrollment Closes
Adair County Schools5/26/205/29/20
Bell County Schools5/18/205/22/20
Boyd County Public Schools 5/20/205/27/20
Caldwell County- Enrollment Closed5/11/205/15/20
Carter County Schools – Enrollment Closed5/1/205/8/20
Clinton County School District- Enrollment Closed5/12/205/18/20
Crittenden County Schools- Enrollment Closed5/6/205/13/20
Fulton Independent School 5/21/205/29/20
Gallatin County Board of Education- Enrollment Closed5/11/205/15/20
Greenup County Board of Education – Enrollment Closed5/4/205/8/20
Harlan County Public Schools- Enrollment Closed5/7/205/13/20
Letcher County Public Schools- Enrollment Closed5/7/205/15/20
Lewis County Schools- Enrollment Closed5/6/205/13/20
Livingston County Schools5/18/205/26/20
Marshall County Schools- Enrollment Closed5/13/205/20/20
Morgan- Enrollment Closed5/12/205/21/20
Rockcastle County Schools – Enrollment Closed5/4/205/8/20
LouisianaEnrollment OpensEnrollment Closes
Bossier Parish School Board – Enrollment Closed3/26/204/1/20
Caldwell Parish – Enrollment Closed3/26/204/1/20
Catahoula Parish – Enrollment Closed3/30/204/2/20
Delhi Charter School- Enrollment Closed5/14/205/20/20
Desoto Parish School Board- Enrollment Closed5/11/205/18/20
Evangeline Parish School District –Enrollment Closed3/31/204/5/20
Lafayette Parish School System – Enrollment Closed3/27/204/1/20
LaSalle Parish – Enrollment Closed4/3/204/6/20
Livingston Parish Public Schools – Enrollment Closed3/27/203/30/20
Ouachita Parish School Board – Enrollment Closed4/3/204/10/20
Pointe Coupee Parish – Enrollment Closed3/26/203/30/20
Sabine Parish – Enrollment Closed4/8/204/10/20
St. Martin Parish School Board – Enrollment Closed3/27/203/31/20
St. Mary Parish – Enrollment Closed3/26/203/31/20
Tangipahoa Parish School Board – Enrollment Closed3/26/203/30/20
Vernon Parish – Enrollment Closed4/6/204/10/20
Vermillion Parish – Enrollment Closed4/3/204/8/20
MaineEnrollment OpensEnrollment Closes
Hancock Public Schools – Enrollment Closed5/7/205/10/20
Milford School Department – Enrollment Closed4/3/204/7/20
Millinocket Public Schools – Enrollment Closed4/30/205/6/20
MSAD 30 – Enrollment Closed5/1/205/8/20
RSU/MSAD 29- Enrollment Closed5/7/205/15/20
RSU 67- Enrollment Closed5/8/205/15/20
MarylandEnrollment OpensEnrollment Closes
Garrett County Public Schools- Enrollment Closed5/5/205/12/20
MichiganEnrollment OpensEnrollment Closes
JKL Bahweting School – Enrollment Closed4/22/204/29/20
Posen Consolidated School District #9 – Enrollment Closed5/4/205/7/20
Renaissance Public School Academy- Enrollment Closed5/7/205/13/20
Superior Central – Enrollment Closed4/28/205/4/20
Wells Township School District – Enrollment Closed4/24/204/27/20
MissouriEnrollment OpensEnrollment Closes
Holcomb R-III School District – Enrollment Closed4/30/205/4/20
Licking R-VIII School District- Enrollment Closed5/13/205/15/20
Lutie R-VI School District – Enrollment Closed5/4/205/6/20
North Callaway R-1- Enrollment Closed5/4/205/13/20
Shell Knob School District #78- Enrollment Closed5/6/205/13/20
St. James R-I- Enrollment Closed5/5/205/12/20
Taneyville R-II School5/20/205/27/20
MontanaEnrollment OpensEnrollment Closes
Frazer Montana- Enrollment Closed5/5/205/11/20
Hardin School District #17H & 1 – Enrollment Closed5/11/205/15/20
NebraskaEnrollment OpensEnrollment Closes
Central Valley Public School – Enrollment Closed5/4/205/8/20
NevadaEnrollment OpensEnrollment Closes
Esmeralda County School – Enrollment Closed4/20/204/27/20
New MexicoEnrollment OpensEnrollment Closes
Dulce Independent Schools- Enrollment Closed5/6/20205/18/2020
New YorkEnrollment OpensEnrollment Closes
Spencer Van Etten Central School District6/1/206/5/20
OhioEnrollment OpensEnrollment Closes
Kenton City Schools – Enrollment Closed4/30/205/7/20
OklahomaEnrollment OpensEnrollment Closes
Altus Public Schools- Enrollment Closed5/4/205/11/20
Burns Flat-Dill City – Enrollment Closed4/29/205/6/20
Cleora Public School- Enrollment Closed5/11/205/15/20
Clinton Public Schools- Enrollment Closed5/14/205/20/20
Crowder Public School- Enrollment Closed5/6/205/11/20
Forgan Public Schools5/18/205/22/20
Haileyville Public School- Enrollment Closed5/14/205/17/20
Indianola Public Schools5/23/205/29/20
Marietta Public School – Enrollment Closed5/4/205/8/20
Paden Public Schools- Enrollment Closed5/6/205/13/20
Millington Municipal Schools – Enrollment Closed4/30/205/8/20
Pawhuska Public Schools – Enrollment Closed4/21/205/1/20
Stillwater Public Schools – Enrollment Closed5/4/205/8/20
Tahlequah Public Schools – Enrollment Closed5/4/205/8/20
Taloga Public Schools – Enrollment Closed4/28/205/1/20
Tannehill Public Schools 5/19/205/23/20
Tenkiller Schools- Enrollment Closed5/1/205/15/20
Wickliffe School – Enrollment Closed4/21/204/22/20
Woodall Public School5/23/205/29/20
Puerto RicoEnrollment OpensEnrollment Closes
Puerto Rico- Enrollment Closed5/11/205/21/20
South CarolinaEnrollment OpensEnrollment Closes
Abbeville County School District5/21/205/27/20
Calhoun County Public Schools5/20/205/28/20
Charleston County School District- Enrollment Closed5/4/205/11/20
Charter – Enrollment Closed5/1/205/8/20
Clarendon School District Two5/18/205/26/20
Dillon School District Four5/19/205/29/20
Felton Laboratory Charter School- Enrollment Closed5/7/205/11/20
Horry County Schools- Enrollment Closed5/6/205/11/20
Lexington School District 3 – Enrollment Closed4/30/205/4/20
Union County School District5/22/205/29/20
South DakotaEnrollment OpensEnrollment Closes
American Horse School 5/1/205/22/20
Colome Consolidated School District – Enrollment Closed5/4/205/8/20
Dupree School District No. 64-2 – Enrollment Closed5/4/205/8/20
Little Eagle Grant School- Enrollment Closed5/7/205/18/20
Sioux Falls Schools5/14/205/22/20
Takini School- Enrollment Closed5/13/205/21/20
Timber Lake School District 20-3- Enrollment Closed5/13/205/19/20
Tiospaye Topa School- Enrollment Closed5/11/205/15/20
TennesseeEnrollment OpensEnrollment Closes
Campbell County School System- Enrollment Closed5/5/205/20/20
Clay County Schools- Enrollment Closed5/6/205/13/20
DeKalb Schools- Enrollment Closed5/7/205/13/20
Fayetteville City Schools5/22/205/29/20
Giles County Schools- Enrollment Closed5/1/205/11/20
Hardin County Schools- Enrollment Closed5/1/205/11/20
Lawrence County- Enrollment Closed4/29/205/13/20
Lebanon Special School District- Enrollment Closed5/6/205/12/20
Lexington City School System- Enrollment Closed5/7/205/14/20
Lincoln County5/14/205/22/20
Millington Municipal Schools – Enrollment Closed4/30/205/8/20
McMinn County Schools5/21/205/27/20
Morgan County- Enrollment Closed4/29/205/15/20
Obion County Schools- Enrollment Closed5/14/205/20/20
Perry County5/20/205/27/20
Polk County Schools5/21/205/26/20
Roane County5/19/205/29/20
Scott County5/21/205/26/20
Trenton Special School District- Enrollment Closed5/11/205/21/20
Wayne County – Enrollment Closed5/1/205/8/20
Weakley County Schools- Enrollment Closed5/4/205/19/20
West Carrol Special School District – Enrollment Closed4/24/204/30/20
TexasEnrollment OpensEnrollment Closes
Beeville ISD5/11/205/22/20
Brenham ISD- Enrollment Closed5/11/205/15/20
Buffalo ISD – Enrollment Closed4/3/204/7/20
Chireno ISD – Enrollment Closed5/4/205/8/20
Corrigan-Camden ISD – Enrollment Closed4/29/205/5/20
Dew ISD – Enrollment Closed5/5/205/8/20
Eden CISD – Enrollment Closed5/4/205/8/20
Eustace ISD – Enrollment Closed3/31/204/5/20
Groesbeck Independent School District- Enrollment Closed5/11/205/15/20
Groveton ISD- Enrollment Closed5/4/205/11/20
Gustine ISD 5/4/205/22/20
Honey Grove ISD- Enrollment Closed5/4/205/11/20
Jasper ISD- Enrollment Closed5/11/185/18/20
Junction ISD – Enrollment Closed4/29/205/6/20
Kennard ISD – Enrollment Closed5/5/205/8/20
La Feria ISD – Enrollment Closed5/4/205/8/20
Lyford CISD – Enrollment Closed4/27/205/6/20
Oakwood ISD- Enrollment Closed5/12/205/15/20
Premier High School- Enrollment Closed5/6/205/13/20
Rice ISD5/21/205/29/20
Rockdale ISD – Enrollment Closed4/27/204/30/20
Santa Rosa ISD – Enrollment Closed4/29/205/2/20
Seminole ISD – Enrollment Closed4/30/205/5/20
Somerville ISD5/1/205/27/20
VirginiaEnrollment OpensEnrollment Closes
Prince Edward County – Enrollment Closed4/6/204/10/20
Buckingham County Public Schools- Enrollment Closed5/11/205/15/20
Nelson County Public Schools5/19/205/26/20
WashingtonEnrollment OpensEnrollment Closes
Crescent School District – Enrollment Closed5/1/205/8/20
Raymond School District – Enrollment Closed5/4/205/8/20
Rosalia – Enrollment Closed5/4/205/8/20
Wishkah Valley School District- Enrollment Closed5/6/205/12/20
WisconsinEnrollment OpensEnrollment Closes
Cornell School District – Enrollment Closed5/5/205/8/20
School District of Florence County5/26/206/2/20