With Meals-to-You, eligible families get a Meals-to-You box delivered their home for each of their students during school closure periods. Most boxes will include 10 breakfasts and 10 lunches/suppers.

COVID-19 Update*

Emergency Meals-to-You (eMTY) provides weekday breakfasts and lunches to students who were receiving those meals through the National School Lunch Program at a free or reduced price but temporarily cannot receive school meals due to emergency school closures. eMTY mails 10 breakfasts and 10 lunches every two weeks directly to the student’s home while schools are closed due to COVID-19.

School districts in the states below are currently applying for Emergency Meals-to-You. Their applications must be completed and approved before families can enroll:

Connecticut – CT
Florida – FL
New York – NY
Oregon – OR
Puerto Rico – PR
Wyoming – WY

Families from at least one school district (and typically many more) in the following states are currently enrolling and being verified for Emergency Meals-to-You: 

Arizona – AZ
Georgia – GA
Hawaii – HI
Illinois – IL
Indiana – IN
Iowa – IA
Kentucky – KY
Maryland – MD
Michigan – MI
Montana – MT
Nebraska – NE
Nevada – NV
New Mexico – NM
North Carolina – NC
Ohio – OH
South Carolina – SC
South Dakota – SD
Tennessee – TN
Washington – WA
Wisconsin – WI

Emergency Meals-to-You boxes have been shipped to families in the following states:

Alabama – AL
Alaska – AK
Arkansas – AR
Georgia – GA
Kansas – KS
Louisiana – LA
Maine – ME
Michigan – MI
Mississippi – MS
Missouri – MO
Nevada – NV
Oklahoma – OK
Tennessee – TN
Texas – TX
Virginia – VA

*updated 5/5/2020